Welcome to the Federal Crypto Reserve, we are a private bank that serves the people of the United States of America and its federal government. This project is comparable to the Federal Reserve accept we are still going through all the appropriate legal paths to update US currency into currency that cannot be counterfeited. The FCR is currently a Bitcoin only system with a new coin being developed to replace USD. This institution is to protect U.S.A. citizens as Bitcoin users by providing a law library, reports and private investigations so citizens have a source for methods used by thieves and a way to report violators. This system is designed to keep our clients at the maximum level of security to keep everyone as safe as possible. The wallets are quadruple coded , one level through firewalls, the second though 2 factor authentication, third through SMS and forth through 4048 bit SSL site security. We report directly to the US Senate.
If you have never used cryptocurrency and want to learn how and protect yourself from scams this is by far the best place to start.
Unlike other bitcoin banks we provide video classes and a library to help you get prepared for the future.

We also provide concierge services, user services and payment services by phone, chatrooms and email 24/7. We are the highest status in state of the art technology and crypto currencies. The world’s first block chain for the people by the people controlled only by the US Senate. This is not a stock that can only be obtained by owning a bank as the current system works. This is a membership site that gives Bitcoin controls and safety controls to people who are new too crypto currency and need education and or want the highest level of protection available. If you are new , we are the only company that provides someone who can aid you in every transaction unlike the standard of automated services. We help all our clients get the best service available for crypto currencies. From step 1 to super users we are the people to watch your coin and supervise. We are here to help you evolve to the next step in our economy.

Your membership fees go to returning control of US currency back to the people and away from Wall Street. We hope to be activated as a agency, giving our President the fits US official US COIN and bring us into the future with a system that stop drug dealers, arms dealers and counterfeiters. 

Give us an email, introduce yourself and give us a chance to show you how you should be treated. We are here for you and unlike other apps we get back in a fast classy manor. and leave us your number and the best time to give you a call.